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July 26


It is just another day; one of 365 in every year and 2190 since he left. Every year I think this arbitrary date that is mentally ringed red in my mind might just slip past without me noticing. But in the weeks of ‘lasts’ running up to the anniversary of his death, memories and reminders […]

March 10

The Arrival of Spring: Broad bean ‘Panzanella’

I saw them being stacked away into one of the many little storage nooks found between buildings in this area on Thursday but had to wait until today for this little treat. Having lived very close to Portobello Road Market I’ve come to know some of the traders fairly well, and mark the change of […]

Lemons…the alternative TV seasoning

Last Thursday I ate at one of my favourite restaurants – Racine. The kitchen is led by the gifted chef Henry Harris who I first met maybe 20 years ago when he was a judge on MasterChef. His menu is a monument to the finest French bourgeois cooking you’ll find anywhere – even in France. […]

July 22


Drag and drop. Drag and drop. Try again. Drag and drop. I was trying to move my little blob head and square body onto a seat in the online booking system for The Odeon Lounge. And then I realised; I couldn’t release my little avatar because my little avatar was a solo avatar. Poor thing. She […]

July 14

A departure from theme

So these two young Germans showed up at my house. Not any Germans. Special ones. The son and daughter of love of my life. We hadn’t been together as a trio for a very long time and it was lovely. All this goes a little way to explain why I haven’t written for a while. […]


There are some things that I seem to remember being interminably boring from childhood – Jane Austen, Oscar Petersen, Fred & Ginger movies my Grandma loved – that when I have returned to them as a grown up, I wonder why I ever cast them aside. Yesterday at a tea tasting with Henrietta Lovell, she […]

Quick thought, while I remember

Chickens would ruin my window boxes. I like geraniums and without any outdoor space even one hen per box would spoil the carefully cultured look although being 20 feet off the ground at least the foxes wouldn’t get them. I’m saying this because I love an egg and after yesterday’s ‘sorry for myself’ mini-rant on […]

One is the lonliest number…until you have a sandwich

I went shopping for two this afternoon. In a spirit of unbridled optimism I really did think I’d be knocking up something fabulous while the man who needs to fall in love was sprawled on the sofa watching the football. But I may have allowed my mood to be altered by a really promising meeting […]

Another bloody food blog…why?

Yes, there are far too many food blogs. So honestly, I’ve not really got a compelling reason for starting this one. In fact, this may be my only post. I don’t suppose it’s even going to be particularly original hence the disconnect between the title and the URL. ( was already taken). But my friend […]