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November 29

Pan-roasted Duck with Persimmon & Turnip tops

‘How many are you cooking for?” It’s the question I dread, even from Struan my friendly butcher round the corner at Provenance. But at least I didn’t lie today. “It’s just me tonight.” As if that were unusual. But anyway, it wasn’t but I was feeling like cooking. For the last few weekends I’d been […]

July 08


English cherries: Interlopers on the whole, encouraged here by a pre-UKIP Henry VIII who had enjoyed the sweeter fruit of Flanders and demanded that orchards be planted in Kent to satisfy his sweet tooth. For me, their immigration status is irrelevant. They are just one of my favourite drupes. A chopstick, a wine bottle (email […]

February 13

Fennel seed and Parsley crusted Pork with Courgette Risotto

I’m in a new relationship. We’re still in the getting-to-know-you phase…finding out what each other likes, being very careful to make sure each other is happy, wondering where it’s all going… I’m feeling really positive about it. It’s quite exciting really. I can’t wait to get home in the evenings, just so we can spend […]

June 10

INDONESIAN RECIPES Part 3 – Martabak (Padang Stuffed Pastry)

I’m sure most cultures have their equivalent of the late night kebab crave that many people experience. I have to say, I’m not one of the many in this regard. I can put hand on heart and say I’ve never had a takeaway pitta pocket of mystery meat, chili and raw onion after a night […]

May 13

Tarragon Chicken

After the last couple of ‘poor wee me’ blogs, here’s something with no complications. A recipe for a really simple but elegant dish that can scale up for a supper party no problem or just be a nice light supper for one. It always reminds me of a rather lovely, if slightly twattish, boyfriend I […]

March 27


Carrots are grown in dirt. Loamy, sandy, soil. They grow in the big glorious organism on which we all attempt to coexist. We call it Earth. And yet I rarely see that earth clinging to the skins of my root vegetables. Even on the market they are spruced and polished so that we can see […]

February 26

Making the most of the meal-deal – part 3…

Like all good plays and movies, the story of this meal deal is in 3 acts. This is the final one; The resolution where all the answers are contained, and we leave feeling inspired and secure that all is right with the world. OK, so I know I’m somewhat aggrandising my achievement but I have […]


The twitterverse is a wondrous place. It has introduced me to dozens of lovely characters (in 140 characters or less) one of whom is Andre Dang (@andredang) a rather splendid person whom I have only met in real life the once, but feel as though I know rather well. But it was still a lovely surprise […]

July 29


If you happened to be in Mayfair on Friday I wonder if you saw a commis chef clutching his CV and nursing a black eye amidst the jolly swarms of Olympians. If you did, it may well have been my fault. In my never ending search for the perfect working environment, I went to Little […]

ROSE VEAL GOULASH with Buttery Rice & peas

There was the remnants of the ingredients for the  seduction dinner languishing in the fridge tonight. Specifically the rose veal escalopes (£20 off per kg in Wholefoods). To be honest, I ate a bit of it in a late night depression session the other night – egg washed, panko’d and stuffed with cheese – and […]