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November 29

Pan-roasted Duck with Persimmon & Turnip tops

‘How many are you cooking for?” It’s the question I dread, even from Struan my friendly butcher round the corner at Provenance. But at least I didn’t lie today. “It’s just me tonight.” As if that were unusual. But anyway, it wasn’t but I was feeling like cooking. For the last few weekends I’d been […]

August 10


Gluts don’t have to mean gluttony. But for a singleton brought up in a Calvinistic home where the suggestion of throwing food away was usually converted into a needless conveyance of barely edible matter through the alimentary tract, I have a hell-fire terror of waste. At this time of year, when those luscious late summer […]

May 17

YoYo Biscuits with lime butter icing

Living on my own I try not to have too many treats in the house. I don’t know why I say that really other than buying biscuits and sweets for oneself seems self-indulgent. Much easier to buy if you can reasonably say to yourself, maybe X will enjoy these all the while knowing it’s you […]

July 12


Herbs – a painful ingredient for the single cook. They add so much, cost a fair bit, but often end up as guilt-inducing slime in the fridge. I know, I know, they’re SO easy to grow even in a window box but who am I kidding? I have my work cut out keeping the geraniums […]

May 13

Tarragon Chicken

After the last couple of ‘poor wee me’ blogs, here’s something with no complications. A recipe for a really simple but elegant dish that can scale up for a supper party no problem or just be a nice light supper for one. It always reminds me of a rather lovely, if slightly twattish, boyfriend I […]

May 05


Two posts in one day!? I’m spoiling you, I know. But the one from earlier this morning, had languished in drafts for a week as I pondered the pros and cons of posting. It was a difficult decision but I’m glad I did…so far anyway. It left me feeling quite vulnerable and having spent the […]

March 10

The Arrival of Spring: Broad bean ‘Panzanella’

I saw them being stacked away into one of the many little storage nooks found between buildings in this area on Thursday but had to wait until today for this little treat. Having lived very close to Portobello Road Market I’ve come to know some of the traders fairly well, and mark the change of […]

Valentine’s eve…

In all the 14th of Februaries that passed during our relationship, I’m not sure if my beloved and I ever spent one together. We were often separated by work or geography but I can’t say it ever bothered me. Like most of the people I hope are reading this, I have a healthy disdain for […]

August 01


What?…Please…the Olympics are on! Don’t bother me. In fact, who on earth has time to cook when this festival of sport is filling our screen and hearts with such unknown passion? In fact, forget preparing meals, I barely have time to eat! And I have to say if you’d told me I’d feel like this […]

June 27


I finally managed to stop cleaning today and got down to a bit of serious work, largely because I was now on a serious deadline. Somehow from the moment I awoke I was just in the zone. Such a good feeling and possibly something to do with Simon Cowell telling me he loved me (as […]