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Valentine’s eve…

In all the 14th of Februaries that passed during our relationship, I’m not sure if my beloved and I ever spent one together. We were often separated by work or geography but I can’t say it ever bothered me. Like most of the people I hope are reading this, I have a healthy disdain for […]

August 01


What?…Please…the Olympics are on! Don’t bother me. In fact, who on earth has time to cook when this festival of sport is filling our screen and hearts with such unknown passion? In fact, forget preparing meals, I barely have time to eat! And I have to say if you’d told me I’d feel like this […]

June 27


I finally managed to stop cleaning today and got down to a bit of serious work, largely because I was now on a serious deadline. Somehow from the moment I awoke I was just in the zone. Such a good feeling and possibly something to do with Simon Cowell telling me he loved me (as […]

June 25


I certainly don’t have a peaches and cream complexion, whatever that may be. I would say if my skin tone was to be compared to a classic pudding, it would be spotted dick. (Yes, dear American readers, it really is a thing…and a lovely one at that.) I’m a Celt through and through so I […]


There are some things that I seem to remember being interminably boring from childhood – Jane Austen, Oscar Petersen, Fred & Ginger movies my Grandma loved – that when I have returned to them as a grown up, I wonder why I ever cast them aside. Yesterday at a tea tasting with Henrietta Lovell, she […]

June 23


Even when I was well loved-up, we’d usually spend Saturday evenings at home. Love of my life and I worked hard and often in different cities so after traveling on a Friday we’d go out in either London or Munich. Saturday mornings were lovely languid affairs followed by a gallery and a bit of shopping…usually […]

One is the lonliest number…until you have a sandwich

I went shopping for two this afternoon. In a spirit of unbridled optimism I really did think I’d be knocking up something fabulous while the man who needs to fall in love was sprawled on the sofa watching the football. But I may have allowed my mood to be altered by a really promising meeting […]