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June 25


I certainly don’t have a peaches and cream complexion, whatever that may be. I would say if my skin tone was to be compared to a classic pudding, it would be spotted dick. (Yes, dear American readers, it really is a thing…and a lovely one at that.) I’m a Celt through and through so I […]


There are some things that I seem to remember being interminably boring from childhood – Jane Austen, Oscar Petersen, Fred & Ginger movies my Grandma loved – that when I have returned to them as a grown up, I wonder why I ever cast them aside. Yesterday at a tea tasting with Henrietta Lovell, she […]

June 23


Even when I was well loved-up, we’d usually spend Saturday evenings at home. Love of my life and I worked hard and often in different cities so after traveling on a Friday we’d go out in either London or Munich. Saturday mornings were lovely languid affairs followed by a gallery and a bit of shopping…usually […]

One is the lonliest number…until you have a sandwich

I went shopping for two this afternoon. In a spirit of unbridled optimism I really did think I’d be knocking up something fabulous while the man who needs to fall in love was sprawled on the sofa watching the football. But I may have allowed my mood to be altered by a really promising meeting […]