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September 22


It may have been the morning spent with the epitome of French pastry-perfection, or just geography but today I had a yearning pour manger la cuisine bourgeoise. The Gallic baker of whom I speak is Richard Bertinet. Safe to say I’m a fan. His books are beautiful, his knowledge unparalleled and his conversation always warm […]

July 29


If you happened to be in Mayfair on Friday I wonder if you saw a commis chef clutching his CV and nursing a black eye amidst the jolly swarms of Olympians. If you did, it may well have been my fault. In my never ending search for the perfect working environment, I went to Little […]

July 14


First Saturday night in on my ownio for two weeks. And it’s really quite nice. Had an offer – the gays asked me over for sushi but they smoke so much I end up needing a dry cleaner and an inhaler when I get home so decided to stay home and watch Legally Blonde. Elle […]

June 27


I am offering up no justification for this. I might as well smear it straight on my bum because it’s going there immediately anyway. But I love ice-cream and chocolate sauce. Today I used my absolute favourite. Laverstoke Park’s Buffalo Milk Icecream in its natural flavour. It is so tasty you’d swear it had vanilla […]

ROSE VEAL GOULASH with Buttery Rice & peas

There was the remnants of the ingredients for the  seduction dinner languishing in the fridge tonight. Specifically the rose veal escalopes (£20 off per kg in Wholefoods). To be honest, I ate a bit of it in a late night depression session the other night – egg washed, panko’d and stuffed with cheese – and […]

June 26


My house is never cleaner than when I am WFH. And as I have basically been doing that for the last six months, I am confident you could eat off almost any surface including that top shelf where I keep the bowls and vases that I never use. I suppose writing this blog is yet […]

June 20

Waking up with Ollie Dabbous

Ha! That got you to keep reading didn’t it? After my last “poor me” little posting you’re thinking, what a slut. There she is her beloved not 3 years departed and she’s gone for a younger and if possible prettier bloke. Well If wishing made it so…because frankly when I met him I didn’t know […]