June 10

INDONESIAN RECIPES Part 2 – Crab Noodle Soup

There are few more evocative sounds in Bali than the sound of spoon on china as the Bakso Boy alerts his customers to his approaching handcart. These homemade contraptions are death traps of gas bottle, open flame and bicycle wheels that valiantly traverse the increasingly congested roads of the island. They stare down lorries and […]

June 07


My love affair with Indonesia began the moment I stepped out of a car and into the calm and almost spiritual beauty of The Serai, now known as the Alila Manggis, on the east coast of Bali. The Island of the gods is a unique part of Indonesia,  made up of a speckling of islands […]

May 25

Bogof rant and an asparagus & potato risotto

I may have touched on this before, but it bears repeating: Bogof (Buy One Get One Free) deals are the enemy of the single cook. They should be resisted, with force if necessary and it’s time we took the purveyors of this evil tool of the market to task. I’m seriously considering a strongly worded […]

May 13

Tarragon Chicken

After the last couple of ‘poor wee me’ blogs, here’s something with no complications. A recipe for a really simple but elegant dish that can scale up for a supper party no problem or just be a nice light supper for one. It always reminds me of a rather lovely, if slightly twattish, boyfriend I […]

May 05


Two posts in one day!? I’m spoiling you, I know. But the one from earlier this morning, had languished in drafts for a week as I pondered the pros and cons of posting. It was a difficult decision but I’m glad I did…so far anyway. It left me feeling quite vulnerable and having spent the […]


On my birthday when I was little, my staunchly Tory grandmother would place a warm, pillowy kiss on my forehead and with mock gravitas announce, ‘They march in Red Square to celebrate the day you were born you know!’ I think I believed her until I was about 8 years old. With all its odd […]

March 27


Carrots are grown in dirt. Loamy, sandy, soil. They grow in the big glorious organism on which we all attempt to coexist. We call it Earth. And yet I rarely see that earth clinging to the skins of my root vegetables. Even on the market they are spruced and polished so that we can see […]

March 10

The Arrival of Spring: Broad bean ‘Panzanella’

I saw them being stacked away into one of the many little storage nooks found between buildings in this area on Thursday but had to wait until today for this little treat. Having lived very close to Portobello Road Market I’ve come to know some of the traders fairly well, and mark the change of […]

February 26

Making the most of the meal-deal – part 3…

Like all good plays and movies, the story of this meal deal is in 3 acts. This is the final one; The resolution where all the answers are contained, and we leave feeling inspired and secure that all is right with the world. OK, so I know I’m somewhat aggrandising my achievement but I have […]


The twitterverse is a wondrous place. It has introduced me to dozens of lovely characters (in 140 characters or less) one of whom is Andre Dang (@andredang) a rather splendid person whom I have only met in real life the once, but feel as though I know rather well. But it was still a lovely surprise […]