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May 25

Bogof rant and an asparagus & potato risotto

I may have touched on this before, but it bears repeating: Bogof (Buy One Get One Free) deals are the enemy of the single cook. They should be resisted, with force if necessary and it’s time we took the purveyors of this evil tool of the market to task. I’m seriously considering a strongly worded […]

February 26

Making the most of the meal-deal – part 3…

Like all good plays and movies, the story of this meal deal is in 3 acts. This is the final one; The resolution where all the answers are contained, and we leave feeling inspired and secure that all is right with the world. OK, so I know I’m somewhat aggrandising my achievement but I have […]


I had a bloomin’ good smoothie today. At Raoul’s on Talbot Road which is my surrogate office now that The Electric is closed. It was really fruity and thick and generous. I’ll be having one every day from here on out. Unusually for places round here, it doesn’t have WiFi which does mean that it looks […]

July 22


Drag and drop. Drag and drop. Try again. Drag and drop. I was trying to move my little blob head and square body onto a seat in the online booking system for The Odeon Lounge. And then I realised; I couldn’t release my little avatar because my little avatar was a solo avatar. Poor thing. She […]