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April 22


Easter. One of those holidays I still find a little difficult. At least this year there was a decent gap between the lump-in-the-throat heart-pricks of Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. My previous post highlighted my Valentine’s Day ritual (message me for a password). Mother’s Day I regard an exercise in fertility fetishism; annoying but ultimately […]

March 27


Carrots are grown in dirt. Loamy, sandy, soil. They grow in the big glorious organism on which we all attempt to coexist. We call it Earth. And yet I rarely see that earth clinging to the skins of my root vegetables. Even on the market they are spruced and polished so that we can see […]

March 10

The Arrival of Spring: Broad bean ‘Panzanella’

I saw them being stacked away into one of the many little storage nooks found between buildings in this area on Thursday but had to wait until today for this little treat. Having lived very close to Portobello Road Market I’ve come to know some of the traders fairly well, and mark the change of […]