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March 23


Recipes are a bit like friendships. There are those with whom we spend a lot of time and the oft resulting familiarity can occasionally breed contempt. When I was a child, mince was the dull old standby I longed to throw over for something more fashionable. My mum, ever on-trend, made Bolognaise a family favourite […]

Lemons…the alternative TV seasoning

Last Thursday I ate at one of my favourite restaurants – Racine. The kitchen is led by the gifted chef Henry Harris who I first met maybe 20 years ago when he was a judge on MasterChef. His menu is a monument to the finest French bourgeois cooking you’ll find anywhere – even in France. […]

July 29


If you happened to be in Mayfair on Friday I wonder if you saw a commis chef clutching his CV and nursing a black eye amidst the jolly swarms of Olympians. If you did, it may well have been my fault. In my never ending search for the perfect working environment, I went to Little […]