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July 29


If you happened to be in Mayfair on Friday I wonder if you saw a commis chef clutching his CV and nursing a black eye amidst the jolly swarms of Olympians. If you did, it may well have been my fault. In my never ending search for the perfect working environment, I went to Little […]

July 14

A departure from theme

So these two young Germans showed up at my house. Not any Germans. Special ones. The son and daughter of love of my life. We hadn’t been together as a trio for a very long time and it was lovely. All this goes a little way to explain why I haven’t written for a while. […]

June 20

Waking up with Ollie Dabbous

Ha! That got you to keep reading didn’t it? After my last “poor me” little posting you’re thinking, what a slut. There she is her beloved not 3 years departed and she’s gone for a younger and if possible prettier bloke. Well If wishing made it so…because frankly when I met him I didn’t know […]