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June 27


I finally managed to stop cleaning today and got down to a bit of serious work, largely because I was now on a serious deadline. Somehow from the moment I awoke I was just in the zone. Such a good feeling and possibly something to do with Simon Cowell telling me he loved me (as […]

June 25


I certainly don’t have a peaches and cream complexion, whatever that may be. I would say if my skin tone was to be compared to a classic pudding, it would be spotted dick. (Yes, dear American readers, it really is a thing…and a lovely one at that.) I’m a Celt through and through so I […]


There are some things that I seem to remember being interminably boring from childhood – Jane Austen, Oscar Petersen, Fred & Ginger movies my Grandma loved – that when I have returned to them as a grown up, I wonder why I ever cast them aside. Yesterday at a tea tasting with Henrietta Lovell, she […]

June 20

Waking up with Ollie Dabbous

Ha! That got you to keep reading didn’t it? After my last “poor me” little posting you’re thinking, what a slut. There she is her beloved not 3 years departed and she’s gone for a younger and if possible prettier bloke. Well If wishing made it so…because frankly when I met him I didn’t know […]